Fleet Manager Office™

 Manage your machines. Manage your mine.

A Command and Control monitoring and data management system that transmits data from the machines to the office and from the office to the machines, increasing both safety and productivity and enhancing training opportunities.

On both large and small job sites, managers can see and monitor multiple machines in multiple views, including plan view, from any remote location as long as they have an internet connection. Machines’ positions can be viewed, cut/fill and elevation monitored in real time, and managers can even instant message each machine. The system transmits through GSM/CDMA cellular, standard wireless and mesh networks. For sites without remote connectivity, data can be stored in the machine and copied to a thumb drive for post analysis.

The scalable remote monitoring tool facilitates:

  • Productivity analysis
  • Data management
  • Historical playback
  • On-site proximity warnings
  • Avoidance zones, and more

All data is hosted and owned by the user. Developed exclusively by Carlson, this product benefits from Carlson’s extensive experience with the close managing needs of mining operations.

Fleet Manager Office™ adheres to Carlson’s Open Positioning Architecture (OPA) supporting open data share, multi-GNSS receivers as well as a consistent user interface across all machine rover products. Fleet Manager Office™ is part of Carlson’s Complete & Open Mining Solutions.