LandfillGradeTM Management System

Extend the life of any landfill

Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Carlson LandfillGradeTM

Enables optimal compaction with fewer passes for lower fuel consumption and lower cost of operation while reducing machine wear. Makes best use of the landfill by increasing density through accurate daily analysis reporting of actual material placement.

Designed for Landfill Compactors, Dozers, Graders and Scrapers

  • Track your compaction in real time with color mapping using pass counts or vertical deflection
  • Share data real-time between two machines with Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for maximum productivity
  • Reduce airspace, maximize compaction and reach optimum density in less time
  • Easily generate Airspace Utilization Factor (AUF), density and volume reports
  • Minimize daily cover
  • Analyse productivity and report from anywhere

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Key Features

  • Overfill eliminated for outer design slopes
  • True recording of actual material placement
  • Avoidance Zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement
  • Daily density calculations through scale house weight and import
  • Forward/reverse compaction
  • Ability to collect and stake points
  • Heartbeat Connectivity connects machines and office
  • Remote monitoring of machines with Carlson Fleet Manager Office
  • Historical playback for machines and material placement




Special Features

  • Customizable screens
  • Direct import of .dwg,.dxf,TN3,GC3,LN3,TIN,GRD and more...
  • On-screen display showing percentage of compaction or pass counts in a given area

On the Site

  • Works with man or machine
  • Eliminates unnecessary passes
  • Reaches optimum density is less time
  • Provides real-time position anywhere on the site
  • Allows for stakeless grading
  • Manages leachate - accurate and easy slope designs manage water runoff, minimizing leachate for disposal or treatment



Simple and sensible machine control for the rest of us!