How It Works

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Take the guesswork out of landfill compaction and grading with Carlson Landfill Grade — You’ll both lower fuel costs and lessen carbon footprint, too! Carlson Landfill Grade, a 3D positioning software that provides real-time information in the machine and in the office, enables optimal compaction with less passes for both lower fuel consumption and lower cost of operation while also reducing machine wear. The software’s accurate daily analysis reporting of actual material placement enables landfill operators to increase density and make best use of the landfill. In the field, the Landfill Grade software gives operators easy-to-use and real-time information so they can both optimize airspace and manager their slopes and fills. In the office, the Command and Control software provides real-time information so managers can see.

Manager Key Performance Indicators

  • Airspace Utilization
  • Volume and Density
  • Compaction Tracking (deflection and pass counts)
  • Slope and Grade Management
  • Productivity (machine, operator, landfill)
  • Machine Utilization

Also Provides

  • Customizable screens
  • Support for most all GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Direct import of .dwg, .dxf, TN3, GC3, LN3, TIN, GRD and more
LandfillGrade Demo