Monitor All Locations in Real-Time Anywhere

Imagine being able to monitor all of your locations in real-time anywhere in the world for very little cost and as easy as logging onto the internet.  Locate and plug internet enabled camera’s directly into your computer network and pick-up the broadcast any where in the world over the internet using a regular web browser.  All for very little investment!

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems are commonly thought of as “security surveillance”.  In reality CCTV surveillance plays a part in every day life.  Today, worldwide, video surveillance systems cover towns and city centers; bus and train stations; car-parks and public property; industry and office environments; roadways and rails; shopping malls and amusement parks…  The applications are endless.

Access video surveillance broadcast from your tablet, phone and laptop


No longer do companies need to be limited to expensive CCTV equipment limited to local monitoring.  SNCTechnologies provides an easy solution for surveillance starting with the camera -- a great way to provide:

  • Security
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real-time capture of events
  • Visible deterrent to criminals and traffic violators. 

Many industry jobs pose high risk to employees who must monitor operations.  Surveillance cameras can minimize that risk by providing the eyes needed to watch the operation of equipment and employees real-time. This type of industry uses surveillance cameras to watch equipment in the event something goes wrong the incident has been recorded, can be analyzed and used to assess where there might be bigger problems.

Keep an eye on business with SNCTechnologies video surveillance solutions.