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In 2007, Komatsu Indonesia partnered with SNCTechnolgies to develop MineGain, a fully integrated hardware, software and communications system that simultaneously, automatically and wirelessly downloads the VHMS data from VHMS enabled equipment and sends it to a server for processing and analysis.  

In order to reduce the costs of implementing a large network, MineGain has a unique feature which allows the VHMS enabled equipment to “hand-off” the data to service vehicles, such as fuel trucks, when they are in the vicinity.  This data is then later uploaded to the server when the “hand-off” vehicle is near an access point.


  • Detect Engine Problems Early
  • Several Communications Options
  • Get VHMS Data Accurately and Quickly
  • Eliminate Loss of VHMS Data
  • No Large Communications Network
  • No Standing Down of Equipment
  • Remove Technicians from Dangerous Areas
  • Increase Productivity
  • Thousands Installed
  • Keep Technicians Out of Dangerous Areas

SNCTechnolgies has developed the following:

1. On Board Equipment

Depending upon the in-pit frequency being used with either a MineGain Direct (WiFi) or MineGain OTA M2M+900 (3G/4G/900 MHz) unit is installed on each piece of equipment (truck, loaders, etc.) that VHMS data from.  These units generate a strong wireless signal, are constructed for rough mine environments and have been specifically designed and manufactured by SNCTechnolgies for this purpose.

2. MineGain Hand-Off System

The MineGain OTA M2M Hand-Off System is used in situation where the mine does not have 100% communications coverage and some of the equipment, like excavators that are “hidden” from the mine network.  To overcome this problem, depending upon the in-pit frequency being used, either a MineGain OTA M2M+900 (WiFi/3G/4G/900 MHz) or MineGain OTA M2M (WiFi) unit is installed on the fuel truck or other “hand-off” vehicle.  When one of these “hand-off” vehicles gets within the vicinity of MineGain enabled equipment, the VHMS data is automatically and wirelessly transferred to the to the “hand-off” vehicle.  There it is stored until the “hand-off” vehicle gets in range of a MineGain OTA AP access point which is usually located at a fuel depot or on a tower overlooking the mine.   The VHMS data is then uploaded to the access point and then on to the VHMS server for processing.  All of this is done automatically and without any operator intervention. The MineGain Hand-Off System avoids having to build and maintain an expensive communications network.

3. MineGain OTA AP

The MineGain OTA AP is an access point that is usually mounted on a tower.  It wirelessly picks up the data either directly from MineGain enabled equipment of from a “hand-off” vehicle (usually a fuel truck) and then relays the data to a server for processing.

Detect Engine Problems Early

With MineGain OTA M2M you get VHMS data more frequently, wirelessly, and easier so that you can monitor the engine and machine performance through the Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS).   No more visiting each machine to manually download the data on a flash drive or laptop.  The data is automatically uploaded to your server for reporting by an engine performance analysis program.  

SNCTechnolgies custom builds the system components to high standards to withstand the harsh environments of a mine site. This includes high temperature and vibrating ratings.

You Don’t Need a Big Network

With the special “Handoff” technology there is no need for an expensive network covering the entire site.  Instead fuel trucks and service vehicles can be mounted with special M2M units that pick-up the data as they roam the mine site and then automatically upload the data when the vehicle nears an access point.  It’s all automatic and no operator intervention is required.

MineGain Hand-Off software

The MineGain Hand-Off software is purpose built and developed by SNCTechnolgies for the VHMS download requirement. MineGain Hand-Off software will store and forward data from heavy equipment but also from another MineGain Deluxe unit. Thus with this configuration and capabilities the required data can “hop” from one unit to another until it arrives to its final server destination and works in many different mine site conditions. The MineGain Hand-Off software is high capacity, high range, very reliable and at the same time, very easy to install, operate and maintain.

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