On-Site Support and Maintenance

After developing and installing projects for communications, IT infrastructure, tracking, or fleet management system (FMS), SNCTechnologies can provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep the project installation running at full capacity.  These are highly technical mission critical applications and they must be up and running 100% of the time to keep your production moving smoothly. Skilled on-site personnel is provided to do preventive maintenance and repairs.  We can staff to meet your requirements – for a single shift or complete 24/7 coverage. 

This allows you to concentrate on your business while we keep the systems doing what they are supposed to do.  Let us be your in-house IT department.

Outsource IT - At Office or Mine Site

Let SNCTechnologies be your IT Department. Top IT professionals will keep your critical IT system running with maximum up time and minimum costs. OutSouce IT lets you stop worrying about IT and systems problems so you can concentrate on your business.

We have trained senior engineers who can look at your bottlenecks and make suggestions how to improve the delivery of your IT services. Whether communications, software applications, operating systems, server systems, or hardware issues, SNCTechnologies can help.

SNCTechnologies IT Consultant

Choosing the right person or team that can deliver what you envision can be a tricky proposition. Everybody seems to know someone "doing" computers nowadays, and the companies they work for might be a good starting point. Remember that the number of clients that a consultant has is not as important as the number of repeat clients they serve. This is an indicator of how satisfied customers have been with the work done.

Brainstorming with Experts

SNCTechnologies IT consultants are experts in their fields. Brainstorming sessions with SNCTechnologies IT consultants about your project plan will give you a better idea and understanding of the technical feasibility of a project. These sessions will not only iron out most of the holes in your plan from a technical angle, but will also help you estimate more accurately the time and effort required for the project. Brainstorming sessions are a very important part of any project, and should be considered an integral part of the project development phase. Many companies think of these sessions as a free service that the consultant needs to give them. Remember that the consultant is actually sharing a lot of "domain-knowledge" with you at this point, which could potentially save you a lot of money at the end of the day. Treat Brainstorming as an investment in the success of your project.

SNCTechnologies IT Consultants are always glad to help.