Most mine vehicle accidents are due to over speeding.  SAM can reduce these type of accidents plus improve efficiency and production.  With the SNC Speed Awareness Monitor drivers and management are alerted to over and under speeding.

SAM captures video or photos of vehicles that are over or under speeding.  Photos and video can either be picked-up manually on a USB at SAM or automatically transmitted on a predetermined schedule to a predetermined monitoring station.  SAM offers three options to deliver photos and videos.

  • Manually Pick-up Photos with USB at SAM
  • Receive Photos Via WiFi Network
  • Via GSM (telephone) Network
  • SAM can be customized to meet the needs of any mine site.
  • Adjust Radar Sensitivity
  • Adjust Threshold of Over and Under Speed

On the job day and night SAM’s system uses a bright LED array making the SAM display easy to read in the bright daylight as well as at night.  Infrared night vision captures photos of vehicles that are under or over speeding, providing 24 hour fleet surveillance.

Skid mounted, SAM is easy to relocate and built for rugged mine conditions.  Solar powered with 48 hour battery capacity SAM is easy to maintain needing nothing more than a battery check, a clean solar panel and clean camera lense.

SAM is the answer for total speed control and prevention of accidents caused by speeding.

Watch video of truck going to fast to stop.

Truck over speeding goes over embankment on a turn

Driver looses control

 Accident on mine sites.