MineTrack WiFi Tracking System Equipment & Operations

The Rugged Onboard MineTrack Tracking System Includes
  • MineTrack SNC VTC-100 in Vehicle Computer System
  • Onboard Rugged LCD Touch Screen 
  • Onboard Tracking Software
  • GPS Antenna
  • WiFi Antenna

The MineTrack tracking device model SNC VTC-100 is an in-vehicle computer system with an ARM Cortex Processor base. This hardware is rugged and designed for off road vehicle type applications. It also has a compact dimension for easy installation. 

Operation Support 
  • Dispatch Equipment
  • Server and Software
Communications Network
  • MineComms Wi-Fi Cloud


MineTrack Tracking Equipment

SNC VTC-100 Specification
Ubiquity Bullet
  • Prossessor: ARM Cortex A8720MHz
  • Onboard RAM DDR2 256MB
  • GPS Module Built-in
  • 3x GPIO
  • 2x USB
  • 1x Ethernet, 1x RS232 and 2x RS-485
  • MicroSDHC Storage 4GB
  • Wide Range Input Voltage 9 – 36 V
  • Power Management
  • Configured Delay Time Shutdown
  • Three (3) Buttons for Status (if required)

Each SNC VTC-100 is equipped with a Wireless radio, named a Ubiquity Bullet, which has up to 400mW transmit power, GPS Antenna, and a Optoisolator-Voltage Regulator Module.