Control Assets with MineTrack

MineTrack GPS Tracking will improve the logistics and management of material hauling fleets from the pit and/or stockpile to the loading point. MineTrack is a robust and reliable vehicle GPS tracking system that is designed and developed by SNCTechnologies to meet the needs of mines and mining contractors.  The system can be customized to meet the customer’s ultimate goals to improve effiency, production and the bottom line.  MineTrack provides robust, redundant, and rugged GPS tracking solutions in any harsh environment.

Providing more than a GPS location, MineTrack can monitor the equipment status, events, conditions, driver behavior, fuel management, unauthorized stops, load status and counts, cycle times, out of bounds situations, and much more in real-time.

MineTrack has been specifically designed and developed based on SNCTechnologies 10 years on-the-job experience in the design, supply, implementation, support and maintenance of GPS Tracking and Mine Fleet Management Systems.

  • Four backhaul options: GSM/GPRS, WiFi, VHF/VHF and Satellite
  • Mining designed hardware: rugged, robust and reliable
  • Display vehicle location, track, and real-time or near real-time status
  • Programmable I/O trigger alerts for integration with onboard I/O switch: panic switch, door alarms, etc.
  • Driver RFID identification
  • Harsh acceleration and harsh breaking detection
  • Desktop based application
  • Dispatcher can configure map, object icons and geofences
  • Alerts based on geofences, speed, distance, proximity, voltage, idling, and non-reporting
  • Multi-user system with managed alerts and individual operator rights
  • Microsoft SQL server database standard with integrated SQL Reporting Services for a rich set of printed or exported reports
  • Log contains location, speed, heading, voltage, I/O status, and temperature
  • Log replay to show historical positions and routes.
MineTrack Benefits
  • Improve the fleet management in order to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve safety of their truck long haul fleet operations
  • Track the operator by name with a RFID card login authorization when entering the vehicle
  • Track the amount of time and location of the operator when using the vehicle
  • Prevent and track unauthorized use of the vehicles
  • Track and reduce over or under speeding
  • Over and under speeding digital reporting
  • Custom reports and features available