On-Site Support and Maintenance Scope

SNCTechnologies can provide on-site support and maintenance for all components of any SNCTechnologies projects, systems, parts and their maintenance and repair to insure the smooth operations of the systems.  SNCTechnologies provides Outsource IT and will repair and maintain systems from 3rd parties already implemented by the customer.

This on-site support should be inplace at the Go-Live Milestone of the project plan when any system is being used 24/7.  This is not the same as Project Completion.


Scope of Services

Tracking and Fleet Management Systems

  • Installation on new trucks and excavators
  • Repair cabling
  • Replacement of components (hub, monitor, antennas, etc.)
  • Reloading of software on trucks and excavators
  • Repair hardware (extra charge).
  • Repair hardware under warranty.
  • Configuration and setup of new trucks and excavators


Communications Systems

  • Maintain and repair as required all communications equipment within the scope of the project being implemented including all portable and semi-portable towers and radio equipment
  • Daily clean all solar panels and check batteries
  • Daily check and monitoring real-time of power signal levels of all radios within the scope of the project.
  • Replace equipment as required



  • Assist Dispatchers using Fleet Management and Tracking systems
  • First line trouble shooting of Fleet Management and Tracking systems 


Limitations and Not Included

  • Non-Warranty repairs
  • Parts and replacement equipment (These will be charged extra)
  • Special travel



Coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



SNCTechnologies will provide the necessary staff to perform the maintenance, repairs, tasks or duties required by the customer. Generally there will be Support and Maintenance Engineers on site for three shifts providing 24/7 coverage.


IT Support

SNCTechnologies In House IT Support
  • Maintain IT infrastructure, servers, routers, switches, communication links net works, cloud services
  • Buy and replace parts, fix parts, preventive maintenance, trouble shoot system problems.