Customers looking to use the OG2 satellite service have a choice of using field-ready devices or embedding an interchangeable modem into existing systems.

OG2 Modem
GT 1100
RT 6000

OG2 Developer’s Kit

The OG2 Developers Kit includes everything you need to test your satellite tracking application:

  • Satellite Modem and Antennas
  • Evaluation Board and Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide CD, Software

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ORBCOMM OG2 Next-Generation Satellite Constellation

ORBCOMM OG2 is the world's first and only commercial satellite network 100% dedicated to M2M. The ORBCOMM network uses low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide reliable and cost-effective M2M communications to and from in the most remote areas of the world.

ORBCOMM satellites are constantly in motion around the Earth, providing inherent network redundancy and minimizing line-of-sight issues for continuous global coverage. Each satellite’s VHF frequency furthers signal propagation and message delivery is unaffected by bad weather. In addition, the optimized message size is ideal for M2M applications.

What’s New in OG2?

ORBCOMM is continuously updating its network to improve global coverage and enhance performance and reliability for our customers around the world. With the launch of 17 new, more capable next generation OG2 satellites ORBCOMM is taking its industry-leading satellite service to the next level.

Each OG2 satellite will offer up to six times the data access and up to twice the transmission rate of an existing OG1 satellite. Each OG2 satellite is the equivalent of six OG1 satellites, providing faster message delivery, larger message sizes and better coverage at higher latitudes, while significantly increasing network capacity.

Robust Ground Infrastructure

ORBCOMM's proven ground infrastructure enables worldwide M2M satellite messaging. Our 16 Gateway Earth Stations in 13 countries track and establish two-way satellite communications, while our Gateway Control Centers process the data and provide the interconnection to terrestrial communications networks. Our Network Control Center in Sterling, VA serves as the focal point for managing our satellite constellation and ensuring reliable message delivery.

ORBCOMM OG2 At-a-Glance

  • Larger Message Capacity
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Broader Global Coverage
  • Better Performance