Customers looking to use the OG2 satellite service have a choice of using field-ready devices or embedding an interchangeable modem into existing systems.

OG2 Modem
GT 1100
RT 6000

OG2 Developer’s Kit

The OG2 Developers Kit includes everything you need to test your satellite tracking application:

  • Satellite Modem and Antennas
  • Evaluation Board and Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide CD, Software

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Satellite Modems for OEM System Integrators

M2M Modems Setting the Global Industry-Standard

ORBCOMM has simplified the hardware decision-making process for OEMs with the release of its interchangeable OG2 and OG-ISAT satellite modems. The versatile M2M modems feature an identical footprint, connectors, power input, programming environment, communication interface and protocols.

Simply drop in the appropriate satellite modem based on your geography, message size, delivery speed and regulatory environment for unrivaled ease of use and flexibility.

Plus, reduce service delivery and backend development complexity with the ORBCOMMconnect multi-mode and multi-network platform.