PressurePro 10 Wheel TPMS Monitor

Common uses

Consumer Vehicles, Light Trucks, Buses, Emergency Equipment, Straight or Box Trucks, Ag Equipment, Dump and Work Trucks, Heavy Duty and Mining Equipment 


PressurePro’s 10 Wheel Monitor allows users to monitor up to 10 wheel positions (single axle on front and two rear dual axles). 

Built in Data Logging capabilities can log up to 45 days of tire stamped pressure and temperature information that can be downloaded to PressurePro’s free management software, or to an outside software platform. These capabilities allow you to track and recognize tire performance trends and take your tire maintenance program from reactive to proactive. Further, RS232 proficiency allows tethering and communication capabilities to other technology devices.  

General Information

PressurePro’s 10 Wheel Monitor is capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 250 psi, are RS232 capable, and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa. The Monitor also features two low pressure alert levels (at 12.5% and 25% drops), a user settable upper high pressure alert (adjustable from 10% to 45%) and a high temperature alert to warn drivers when temperatures reach 194°F. PressurePro’s 10 Wheel Monitor also has self-diagnostic tests, allow simple installation and provide drivers with real time tire performance information whether parked or on the road.