Is Low Pressure Blowing the Bottom Line?

PressurePro is a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system that uses advanced technology. PressurePro provides real time tire performance readings and alerts that are communicated via networks to an onboard display and a central monitoring station from the vehicle and/or trailer tires.

The pressure sensor is easy to install and there is no need to dismount the tire. Simply screw the sensor on the valve stem.


  • Real-Time Monitoring Alerts
  • Improved Safety and Dynamic Handling – Better Traction
  • Lower Fuel Consumption – Lower Rolling Resistance
  • Increased Availability - No More Lost Time Stopping for Pressure Checks
  • Improved Tire Performance – Save Tire Tread by 35%
  • Reduce Blowouts and Zipper Rips
  • Identifies Tire Problems Before Becoming a Problem During Operations
  • Pro-active Maintenance Rather Than Reactive Repairs
  • Monitor Pressure Parked and Moving
  • Reduced Down Time and Lower Maintenance Costs

 The PressurePro Features:

  • Simple to fit, program and maintain.
  • Fitted to the end of the valve stem or specific SensorSpud© dual headed wheel spuds
  • Weighs 17 grams, usually less than the tyre is out of balance
  • Checks the pressure every 7 seconds
  • Has alerts @ 12.5% & 25% under set pressure as well as 24% (adjustable) for over pressure
  • Uses audio visual alerts but can be enabled to provide sms, email, or other electronic alerts


Control Risk and Reduce Loss

Why is the first low pressure alert 12.5% below the correct cold pressure?

A tire running at 10% below its specified pressure:

  • will wear at a 10% faster rate
  • the rolling resistance increases so fuel consumption rises
  • contact pressure is reduced 10%
  • traction is affected increasing stopping distances

Safety is Compromised!

At 20% under set pressure the tire will wear 25% faster than at the correct pressure, the danger of a tire failure increases exponentially, the risk of a safety related incident increases.