What PressurePro Customers Say

24 hours a day 365 days per year in some of the harshest environments one can find these systems are more than we could expect.

-- Dennis Keene

 PressurePro has helped lower our bottom line expenses so we can be more cost effective without sacrificing reliability.  Our average milse on steers per year have gone from 90,000 miles to 135,000-150,000 per year. 

-- Matt Hein


Kit Long Tyre Management Sdn Bhd, Malaysia has been installing PressurePro systems on tires used by Westports, Mayaysias’ leading seaport since 2005.

 PressurePro helps us track and manage a diverse range of tires for various port vehicles and equipment 

-- Soh Chong Keng, Head of Contract Management.

PressurePro helps Kit Loong Tyre Management enormously to achieve considerable improvement in overall tire performance and savings, which effectively translates into significant cost savings.

 We have also derived the benefits of improved operational efficiency, better inventory control, increased safety, higher recapping rate, and easier database management. PressurePro has been important to monitor tire pressures of these expensive tires 

-- Soh Chong Keng

A key lesson learned from the Kit Loong Tyre Management experience with PressurePro is the need to ensure accurate on-site data capture in order to capitalize the full value of the system and ensure longer tire life and greater vehicle service.