Activate Your Blind Spot Safety

Detects Objects in Blind Spots

Actively Notifies Operators

Help Drivers Prevent Accidents


Prevent Collisions

PreView Radar is a pulsed radar object detection sensor designed to detect moving and stationary objects in blind spots to significantly reduce accidents. PreView consists of three simple components: 1) external sensor; 2) in-cab display to provide audible and visual notification to the operator; and 3) cable system to connect the sensor and display. Coverage area can be up to 32 feet / 10 meters depending on the sensor chosen and your specific needs.

Rugged Solution

This is not an automotive-grade backing aid. PreView’s rugged sensor design is specially encased to take on the harsh conditions common with heavy duty trucks and machines. PreView sensors continue to be an effective tool in the most extreme conditions, such as construction sites and working mines where mud, dust, and grime is measured in inches. Additionally, PreView can still “see” those hidden objects in even the worst weather, including snow, fog, heavy rains, and ice.

Reliable and Proven

PreView customers are reporting reductions of more than 75% in blind spot accidents since installing PreView on their heavy duty fleets.

Sensors vary by Vehicle Type / Industry

A driver operating an on-road utility truck does not face the same obstacles and blind spot of a haul truck operator in a surface mine. That is why we’ve designed different sensors to meet the varied needs of each vehicle and industry.

Compatible & Expandable

The backbone of a complete blind spot safety approach, PreView provides an active componenet that will work with or automatically activate reversing alarms, safety lights, camera systems, digital recorders, and more.

Dare to Compare

It’s not even close. There is no other system on the market today that works as well as PreView in the heavy duty industry.

And finally, It Just Works

Our customers have reported more than 75% reduction in blind spot accidents since installing PreView sensors and they are working just as planned.

PreView puts the control back into the hands of your operators, your first line of defense against accidents.