Preview Side Object Detection

We’ve got your blind spot covered

PreView® Side Object Detection (SOD) improves your driver’s situational awareness by constantly monitoring the dangerous left and right areas out of your drivers view.

Unlike auto-grade blind spot aides, PreView SOD is made specifically for working vehicles, withstanding the rugged work site and extreme weather conditions your drivers maneuver through every single day.


Simple, Rugged, Active


PreView SOD provides your drivers with a simple display and the right combination of audible warnings to alert the driver without being a distraction.

  • The pulsed radar is engaged whenever the vehicle is turned on.
  • The audible warning is engaged when the turn signal is active.
    • To ensure the system is not an annoyance, the driver only receives a quick pulsed beep when something is in the blind spot. It then reverts to visual indicators only.
    • The audible warning will not be active again until the turn signal as been turned off and reactivated.
  • The visual warning is engaged whenever the vehicle is turned on, changing from a green LED indicator to orange when an object has been detected.


  • Continuous side object detection
  • Detection zone is approximately 10’ x 10’ to cover key areas of blind area 
  • Works in rugged work site and extreme weather conditions
  • In-cab visual indicators illuminate with detection

When the turn signal is turned on, an audible warning tone will sound. This occurs only once per turn signal activation to get the drivers attention without creating unwanted distractions

Left & right displays are strategically positioned in driver’s line of sight for easy viewing