WorkSight® for Waste Manager

We’ve Got Your Blind Spot Covered

The Challenge: Waste collection vehicles operate in close proximity to the general public every day. Whether in the neighborhood or at transfer points, a vehicle driver needs reliable knowledge of objects in blind spots while in motion. The drivers need a tool that will help them actively protect the vehicle, surrounding objects, and pedestrians from the most prevalent accident in the industry: Blind Spot Collisions.

An Improved Solution: PreView® WorkSight® for Waste is a single sensor solution that provides the close-in range that detects objects from corner-to-corner of the bumper, while also detecting 20ft/6m out from the sensor. When something is detected in these zones, the driver receives an audible alert and visual warning through an in-cab display unit to give drivers the critical extra seconds they need to react and avoid a collision. There are also options to integrate the PreView® Plus camera system to provide drivers the ability to view the object detected.

Reliable and Proven: PreView’s waste management customers are reporting reductions of more than 75% in blind spot accidents since installing PreView on their waste vehicle fleet.


  • Active audible and visual driver alert
  • Available for retrofit or at build
  • CAN BUS technology allows for integration with other safety tools
  • Expandable technology with multiple display options (see below)
    • LED Display (included)
    • PreView Plus (option)

Increase Machine Up Time

WorkSight® for Waste consists of three simple components:

1) an external sensor;

2) an in-cab display to provide audible alerts and visual warning to the driver; and

3) a cable system to connect the sensors and display.

The 20ft/6m detection zone is specifically designed to reaction time calculations needed in the waste industry to prevent accidents.


New detection zone width engineered to the unique manuvering and driving environments faced by collection vehicle drivers.


The Solid Choice

  • Active object detection radar
  • Notify drivers of surrounding objects
  • Effective in extreme weather and work site conditions
  • Reduces accidents by more than 75%
  • Protects life and property
  • Backed by Preco Electronics, the leader in safety since 1947
  • Specific detection patterns developed for Rear Waste Loader, Side Loader and Front Loader


  • Current Pull: Less than .25 AMP
  • Operating Temperatures: -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
  • Sensor Dimensions: 4.4”H x 10.5”W x 1.4”D
  • Detection Zone: 20’ (6.1m)
  • Durable sensor sealed for rugged environments
  • Meets NIOSH safety recommendations
  • 5 year warranty on sensor and display