Worksight Preview

We’ve got your blind spot covered

Introducing WorkSight® PreView®, the newest object detection safety system developed by Preco Electronics, Inc.™

WorkSight PreView sensors contain two distinctive antennas in a rugged encasing. The first antenna provides a short-distance pulsed radar beam to cover the width of the average heavy duty vehicle bumper area. The second antenna provides the long-distance beam that detects 20 feet/ 6 meters behind the vehicle.

The double antennas provide the close-in detection needed to protect objects very close to the bumper of the vehicle, while simultaneously detecting objects as far away as 20 ft/6m without dramatically increasing the width of the detection pattern. Additionally, WorkSight PreView will work as a single-sensor system for directly behind the vehicle, or networks together in a multi-sensor network system to provide both front and rear detection for larger vehicles.

Made For Heavy Equipment

This is not an automotive-grade ultrasonic technology posing as a heavy equipment solution. WorkSight PreView is powered by our patented pulsed radar technology. Simply put, it detects objects in the most extreme weather and working conditions – the conditions that heavy equipment and vehicles must maneuver through daily. PreView is real safety for real equipment.


  • Rugged sensor detects objects in extreme conditions
  • In-cab warning allows drivers to react faster
  • Narrow detection pattern reduces nuisance alarms
  • Close-in resolution provides better bumper coverage
  • Allows for single or multi-sensor configuration
  • Integrates with other safety tools 


System Components:
  • WorkSight PreView Sensor(s)
  • In-cab display unit
  • Cable system to connect the sensor and display
  • Detection range is 20ft/6m, with the ability to set detection zone as low as 10ft/3m
  • Current Draw: Less than .25 AMP
  • Connects to reverse lights for power
  • Operating Temp: -40 F/-40 C to +185 F/+85 C
  • Sensor Dimensions: 4.4”H x 10.5”W x 1.4”D
  • Display Dimensions: 1.0”H x 2.3”W x 2.0”D
  • PrecoNet Service Tool Compatible