Xtreme Preview

Reduce Your Blind Spot Accidents by More than 75% Like Other Customers

Xtreme PreView® is a pulsed radar object detection solution designed to detect moving and stationary objects in blind spots to significantly reduce accidents.

PreView® consists of three simple components:

  • External sensor(s)
  • In-cab display(s) to provide audible and visual notification to the operator
  • Robust cable system to connect the sensor and display.

Coverage area can be up to 32ft/10m depending on the sensor chosen and your specific needs. Built for the rugged mining environment, Xtreme PreView® detects objects through fog, snow, rain, dirt, mud, debris, and other extreme elements and weather conditions. Once an object is detected, the in-cab display provides ranging information to the operator so he can react before an accident occurs.

In comparison to other PreView® Radar sensors, Xtreme PreView® offers the longest detection zone. The in-cab LED display shows the proximity to the object(s) detected. The result is safer manoeuvring and detection for busy mining sites.

Xtreme Preview Benefits

  • Increased safety helps save lives
  • Prevents vehicle damage caused by blindspots
  • Effective in extreme weather and mine site conditions
  • Network multiple sensors together with a single display
  • Integrates with other safety tools
  • Preview® customers report over 75% reduction in blind spot accidents when Preview® is installed

PreView® puts the control back into the hands of your operators, your first line of defense against accidents.


The Xtreme PreView®

System is available in 10 to 32 foot coverages, and each can be tuned to the vehicle and job-site needs.