Case Study

The customer intends to utilize the Tug Boat GPS tracking system for operational position monitoring with additional engine RPM value monitoring along with fuel management integration. The purpose of this integrated system is to: 

  • Improve GPS position monitoring activity of Tug Boat operations
  • Improve monitoring of fuel burned and used during operation
  • Improve safety of the fleet of the operations
  • Generate better fleet monitoring and reporting to improve the distribution cycle
  • Utilize a robust GPS tracking and fleet management system which has the ability to build on as they grow or require more features in the future

Case Study Solution 

SNCTechnologies proposes installing the GlobalTrack GPS tracking solution to assist Tug Boat Company in Indonesia to manage, track, and monitor engine and fuel consumption on their Tug Boat vessels.  MarineTrack is a robust and reliable GPS tracking system that has been designed and developed by SNCTechnologies. The system can be customized so that the customer’s ultimate goals can be achieved.

GlobalTrack Main Features:

  • Communications Backhaul Options: GSM/GPRS Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MH
  • Immobilizer Support
  • Fuel Monitoring 
  • ECO Driving (Harsh breaking/acceleration sensor), overspeeding sensor
  • Display vessel location, track, and real-time status
  • Programmable I/O trigger alerts for integration with onboard I/O switch: panic switch, door alarms, etc
  • Web based application
  • User can configure map, object icons and geofences by themselves
  • Alerts based on geofences, speed, distance, idling, and reporting
  • Multi-user system, with managed alerts and individual operator rights
  • Microsoft SQL server database standard with Integrated SQL Reporting Services for a rich set of printed or exported report
  • Log contains location, speed, heading, voltage, I/O status, and temperature
  • Log replay for historical positions and routes
  • GlobalTrack communication system which uses GSM/GPRS