Enhanced Signalling Features for GM338

I) MDC1200 Signalling Protocol

  • PTT ID Enables the transmission of caller ID and allows users to identify incoming callers.
  • Selective Radio Inhibit Should the radios be stolen or go missing, the selective radio inhibit feature enables remote deactivation of the radios, providing greater security.
  • Call Alert The radio emits an alert tone to notify individual users that someone is trying to reach them.
  • Voice Selective Call The radio receives and sends dedicated individual voice messages for privacy or group voice messages for improved productivity.
  • Radio Check This feature monitors if the radio is working or operating within range.
  • Emergency Signalling Sends help signals for added security.

II) Quick Call II Signalling Protocol

  • Call Alert Voiceless paging with continuous alert tones that alerts users on incoming calls.
  • Selective Call Paging alerts followed by a voice message.