Features & Benefits

Advanced Signalling Capability

GM338 & GM398 support a comprehensive range of signalling schemes such as MDC1200, Private Line & Digital Private Line, Quick Call II and DTMF.

Excellent Audio Technology

Motorola’s special voice compression and low level expansion technology ensure crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to communicate even in a noisy working environment.

Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 kHz)

Both radios allow programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25kHz, offering flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing and protecting your investment should your country’s regulatory channel spacing requirement change.

Large Control Buttons

The intuitive driven menu together with the large control buttons on the front panel of the radio provide users easy navigation of menu and exit functions.

Dual Priority Scan

Both GM338 & GM398 support up to 16 scan lists and the scan function can be assigned to any of the function buttons. The dual priority scan feature allows frequent scanning of priority channels.

Remote Mount Control Head

The remote mount control head can be mounted on the dash board without the radio chasis, ideal when space is a constraint. 

Status Call/Messaging

Up to 16 pre-defined text messages can be assigned to enable users to send frequently used messages and statuses quickly, without the need to talk. 

Covert Emergency Signalling

Allows users to discreetly send help signals to a pre-defined person or group of users, providing added peace of mind.

GM338 - Versatility on the Go

Perfect for growing organisations, the GM338’s rich feature set enable it to meet your rapidly changing business needs - keeping users communicating at higher levels of efficiency.


GM338 Features & Benefits

4 Customised Buttons

Easy to use, users have the flexibility to dedicate the most useful operations to these specific buttons for instant one- touch access.

Optional Voice Storage

Through an optional voice storage board, the GM338’s capabilities can be expanded to incorporate the recording & playback of messages, or personal memos for up to 120 seconds.

128 Channel Capacity

With a full 128-channel operating capacity, the GM338 conventional mobile allows users greater flexibility to program each channel individually for different power output, private line (PL)/Digital private line (DPL) for privacy call, as well as repeater/talkaround and busy channel lock out to enhance communication efficiency.

14 Characters 1-line Alphanumeric Display

The large alphanumeric display with icons such as signal strength indicator and caller identification makes it easy to read both text and icon displays.