Motorola GM3688

Take the ruggedly-built Motorola GM3688 for a ride into the tough world of the Construction, Taxi, Courier and Manufacturing industries and watch it perform. Superb audio quality makes communication a breeze even in high-noise environments.

Now with a alphanumeric display and PTT ID function, callers from any of the 64 supported channels can be identified. Advanced capabilities for enhanced fleet management can be added on quickly and easily via the 16-pin external accessory port or an option board interface. In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories can be customised to suit individual users’ needs, even within the same fleet. The GM3688 Conventional Mobile – made to grow with your fleets.

Features and Benefits

  • 8-character alphanumeric display with icons for quick identification of radios status and incoming calls.
  • LED status indicator allows clear indication of radio's operating status.
  • 4 Programmable buttons provide users convenient access to the most frequently used functions.
  • 16 pin external accessory port or optional board interface allows easy expansion of radio’s capability.
  • Supports MDC1200, DTMF and Quick Call II signaling standards.
  • 64-channel allows users to independently program each channel for their customised needs.
Compact and Reliable
  • The mobile offers voice compression and powerful 4W front firing speaker for maximum audio clarity.
  • Rugged construction built to meet or exceed the stringent Motorola ALT and MIL-STD 810C,D and E


Industrial Applications

The GM3688 can be used as a Radio Frequency (RF) pipe for integrated solutions such as Automatic Vehicle Locator Systems (AVL) and Telemetry. A host of devices can be connected via the mobile’s 16-pin external port, to offer a multitude of solutions.

Automatic Vehicle Locator Systems (AVL)

Allows remote tracking of your vehicle’s location using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and integrated software. This ensures a more efficient utilisation of the fleet, dynamic planning of delivery routes and estimation of arrival time, thereby resulting in better customer service and profitability. The AVL system can also be used to track vehicles carrying precious cargo and company personnel in high-risk environments.


Enables remote real-time monitoring of environmental conditions or equipment parameters. Together with integrated hardware and software solutions, the mobiles can be used for remote monitoring of water levels in inaccessible areas, or to track key operational / process parameters to ensure the safety of plant workers.