MineSafeDrive Installation

SNCTechnologies, a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the successful installation of their innovative safety system, MineSafeDrive, on Cipta Kridatama’s dump trucks. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing driver safety and preventing accidents caused by fatigue.

Fatigue has long been identified as a major contributor to accidents, particularly in industries such as mining. With MineSafeDrive, SNCTechnologies aims to address this issue by utilizing cutting-edge AI face recognition technology to detect signs of fatigue and distraction in drivers. By monitoring the driver’s eyes for abnormal closure, the system can accurately identify when a driver is falling asleep or engaged in distracting activities, such as using a phone or smoking.

When it comes to driver safety, the team believes that prevention is key. By equipping Cipta Kridatama’s dump trucks with MineSafeDrive, we are taking a proactive approach to reduce the risk of accidents caused by fatigue. Our advanced AI technology ensures that drivers receive immediate alerts and assistance when they show signs of fatigue, helping to prevent potential disasters.

The implementation of MineSafeDrive on Cipta Kridatama’s dump trucks offers a complete safety solution for their entire fleet. The system not only alerts the driver through in-cab alarms but also activates an on-top-of-cab siren to warn other vehicles in the vicinity. Additionally, the system notifies the central control room in real-time, allowing for immediate intervention and assistance.

One of the key features of MineSafeDrive is its ability to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle in distress on a map. This enables the control room to quickly respond to the situation and deploy necessary support. Furthermore, MineSafeDrive offers three different levels of fatigue alarms, ranging from high-pitched tones to voice alerts and siren alarms, depending on the severity of the fatigue condition.

The team are delighted to collaborate with Cipta Kridatama in implementing our MineSafeDrive system. Their commitment to prioritizing driver safety aligns perfectly with our mission to provide advanced AI solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives. Together, we are raising the bar for safety standards in the industry.

SNCTechnologies’ MineSafeDrive system has been speed activated and continuously monitors fatigue from 10 km/h onward. The eye detection feature ensures accurate identification of fatigue-related issues, allowing for timely intervention. Fatigue alerts can be sent to relevant personnel via email, text message, or even through popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

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