Implementation of RFID LongHaul at Antang Gunung Meratus

Antang Gunung Meratus (AGM) is a coal mining company that owns and operates mines located in 4 regencies in South Kalimantan, namely Banjar Regency, Tapin Regency, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, and Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency. AGM currently produces around 3 million tons of sub-bituminous coal per year.

In 2016, AGM cooperated with SatNetCom (SNC) to design and implement a coal hauling monitoring system at the AGM site with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of coal transportation operations. This system, called RFIDLongHaul was installed at 2 weighbridge locations and 3 stockpile locations, has brought many benefits to AGM since its installation.

In 2023 AGM decided to add equipment in several new locations which included the installation of new systems at 5 weighbridges, 5 pits, 4 stockpiles and 4 road access points. In addition, other features and scalability were added which included the ability to accommodate coal hauling and coal transport business processes, QR code implementation at the toll gates, Mobile RFID, Estimated time Arrival (ETA), LED displays, improvement dashboard reports, and more.

RFIDLongHaul is an integrated coal transportation monitoring system. Its capabilities include:

  1. Recording of truck weight (empty and loaded)
  2. Recording of origin and destination of coal
  3. Identification of drivers
  4. Identification of trucks
  5. Automatic printing of travel documents for drivers
  6. Vehicle Location Information
  7. Barrier Gates and Traffic Lights
  8. Complete reporting system
  9. Management Dashboard

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