Mifa Bersaudara Digitize Coal Jetty Maintenance System

Meulaboh: Increasing the target amount of coal production each year has serious technical challenges, one of which concerns maintaining company assets which have an important function and role in the company’s operational production chain. 

To answer these challenges, in 2023 PT Mifa Bersaudara carried out a maintenance method on one of the important assets in the production chain, namely in the Jetty port area to maximize the effectiveness of the coal barging process.

 Group Head Maintenance, Infrastructure, & GA PT Mifa Bersaudara, Mirza explained that the continuation of this method is to carry out a control system through an integrated management system in the Jetty area.

Group Head Maintenance, Infrastructure, & GA PT Mifa Bersaudara, Mirza when explaining his innovation (Photo Doc.PT Mifa)

“We will see how the Jetty performs. What maintenance and protection systems have been implemented, whether they are effective or not, so that we can gain more effective control over the condition of the Jetty,” said Mirza.

 It is hoped that with this system being implemented in the future, the Jetty, which is a unit of components which are quite critical, can also be controlled more optimally, so that the Jetty can be optimized for PT Mifa’s operational needs.

 “We plan to install and manufacture the Jetty structure integrated management system with the hope that the Jetty’s life time will be in accordance with planning or even more, and the maintenance process will also be precise and scheduled according to needs,” said Mirza.

Image source: PT Mifa

Source: https://www.indonesiaminer.com/news/detail/2023-12-06083606-mifa-bersaudara-digitize-coal-jetty-maintenance-system

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