Mining Expo

The team from SNC Technologies exhibited at the annual Balikpapan Mining Expo earlier this month, and we demonstrated our products while discussing more high-tech mining solutions in development. We were able to meet many prospective new customers as well as meet up with some old friends and clients.  This expo comes just a few months after the Jakarta Mining Expo we attended in September.  It felt good to get back to doing these trade shows, after a long COVID pause, and we can’t wait to see you more expos coming up soon!

Our products were met with great enthusiasm as we had live demonstration units set up so people could get a good understand of what the systems can do. We demonstrated our MineLInk and MineTrack fleet management systems which are integral to site productivity and profitability. Guests to our booth were even able to view maps of a mine site with dump trucks travelling on the roads in real-time. 

In addition, we demonstrated and had fun with our MineSafeDrive driver fatigue monitoring system.  People stood in front of the AI cameras and yawned or closed their eyes.  Then the alerts would sound a warning that the person was falling asleep – exactly how the system works in trucks or any fleet vehicle. 

We have more products coming soon and will be sharing these through direct contact and demonstrations. If you would like to join in a demonstration or discuss our products in terms of your site or fleet needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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